Tashay means “abundant harvest” in Quechua

Quechua – also called Runa Simi “Language of the People” is the third most spoken language in South America.

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Our history

About the founder Adriana Castillo.

Adriana was born in Argentina. After studying business administration in Buenos Aires, she came to Germany in 2002 to complete a master's degree in international business. Since then, she has been working on numerous projects to integrate her culture, whose roots come from Latin America, with that of Europe.
Professionally, she had the opportunity to work in various positions in international companies such as BMW, Siemens, Rehau and KFW. She is particularly interested in social and economic issues, the development of international relations, especially in the Spanish-speaking world and in her home region of South America.

Due to her love for South America and the knowledge that this continent has excellent production of natural fibers (baby alpaca, llama, merino, silk and cotton), as well as her desire to integrate both cultures, she saw the opportunity to start her own company TASHAY in to be founded in 2019. TASHAY not only enables Adriana to realize her dream, but also to place in Germany and throughout Europe high-quality fabrics made with traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations in Andean communities or in local businesses and in which women play an important role the production of the fibers and the manufacture of the products.
With this idea, she realizes the belief in valorizing the culture and work of ancestors in remote areas such as the Andes, from Peru to southern Argentina. TASHAY has a positive social impact on the lives of many artisans and producers in the Andes. What is particularly important to Adriana is the creation and long-term protection of local jobs, while at the same time paying attention to the environment, the people involved and the quality of each garment.

Adriana currently lives in Bad Homburg (Hesse, Germany), is married and has two children.

We stand for

Our business philosophy is to promote sustainable textile production in small and medium-sized businesses and producers in the Andes, from Peru to southern Argentina, and to enhance culture and traditional work in isolated areas.
We are constantly looking for ways to develop and innovate our products without polluting our planet. We cooperate with certified companies and craftsmen where workers, the community and the environment are taken into account in the decision-making process. Through this aspect, we want to promote the socio-economic development of South America by bringing to Europe high-quality products made from the most exclusive natural fibers in the region.

We stand for

Our products are made exclusively from the finest natural fibers such as baby alpaca, llama, merino, silk and cotton and are made using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The positive characteristics of these noble natural materials as well as the use of natural colors and natural dyes from the region such as woods, seeds, plants and herbs as the basis of our collection not only means giving our products added value, but also increases the quality of our products by last even longer and are particularly skin-friendly. Regardless of trends and seasons, TASHAY offers a diverse collection of clothing, accessories and home textiles with unique and unrepeatable characteristics. Our products ensure meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire creation process. Every part from TASHAY is unique and is characterized by exceptional quality.

Our responsibility

Tashay was founded on the principles of respect for indigenous people, animals, nature, textile traditions and exceptional design. Our suppliers are selected based on their work philosophy.
For this reason, we work with companies that have been recognized for both their design and their work, and have in turn been internationally certified after a long process of assessments, verifications and controls. Commitment to people and the environment is our top priority.
Certificates and seals from our partners are listed here:


The animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner in the wild. This has been the animals' natural habitat for many generations. The freedom of animals is part of the culture in these regions of the Andes and Patagonia.
Generally, shearing is done manually using special scissors, although there are still places in South America where more primitive elements are used for shearing. In contrast to mechanical shearing, the animal is sheared gently, also because the hair does not remain too short and would otherwise no longer provide sufficient protection for the animal against temperature fluctuations, precipitation, etc. at this altitude in the Andes. In this way we ensure the animal's welfare.


Women are at the heart of this project and their work directly benefits them and their families.

We work with artisans, mostly women along the Andes, who belong to the farming family. They develop their products from local resources, with sustainable practices and in an organizational environment that promotes inclusion and equality. They work with a variety of techniques ranging from hand spinning to loom weaving to knitting. This creates accessories such as scarves, blankets, gloves and hats with different textures and natural colors that will accompany you on various occasions for years to come.

This positive impact also reduces the migration of young people to cities and offers them a viable and respectful way to earn a living while preserving the traditions of their village.