Sheep wool

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      Our exquisite sheep wool products

      With a wide range of sheep's wool products, all made in Argentina, at Tashay you are guaranteed to find the perfect accessory to give your home or outfit a warm and cozy feel.

      Our range offers you fabulous cushions in unique designs. Thanks to its strength and flexibility, the sheep's wool cushions retain their shape even with constant use. The sheep's wool cushions are also elastic, which means they adapt perfectly to your needs and offer an optimal fit. The soft texture of the sheep's wool cushions ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin while at the same time being extremely comfortable.

      The fabulous patterns and designs make the cushions an exclusive and elegant eye-catcher. Discover sensational sheep's wool products in our shop now!

      Sheep's wool - the natural fiber with fantastic benefits

      Sheep's wool is a unique natural fiber with some remarkable properties. It is particularly strong and can stretch a lot before it breaks. The elasticity of sheep's wool also means that it returns to its original shape after being stretched. This is a valuable property as it helps garments and other wool products retain their shape.

      Another advantage of sheep's wool is its hygroscopy. This means that it can absorb moisture when the humidity is high and release it when the air is dry. Wool fibers can actually absorb up to 50% of their weight in water.

      In addition, sheep's wool also provides excellent thermal insulation, making it ideal for winter clothing and accessories. It is also naturally flame retardant and stain resistant, which favors its use in various applications. Sheep wool is therefore a versatile natural fiber that is used in various applications due to its unique properties.

      Sheep's wool is a representative material for the Puna area in the north of Argentina. The artisans in this region primarily use the natural colors of wool to create an authentic and distinctive aesthetic. It is noteworthy that the complex weaving technique with this wool is mastered mainly by the women of this region, who pass on their knowledge from generation to generation.