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      Exclusive Merino wool - a fabulous natural fiber

      Merino wool is an exclusive type of new wool and is obtained from Merino sheep. It is an ecologically sustainable fiber made from 100% natural materials and is biodegradable. Its unique structure gives the fiber exceptional softness and warmth, making it comfortable to wear both in winter and on hot days. Thanks to its insulating properties, it keeps the body temperature at a comfortable level and is odorless.

      Another advantage of Merino wool is its odor-neutralizing properties, which means it has to be washed less often. In addition, it is a fiber that is characterized by its longevity and durability. Merino wool products have a long lifespan, making them a sustainable choice for clothing and accessories.

      Patagonia is one of the most outstanding sheep breeding regions in the world and home to the exclusive wool variety Merino wool. We work closely with the craftsmen and women. The region's pastures consist of extensive steppes where herds of Merino sheep graze freely and undisturbed. The fiber is considered one of the finest and noblest in the world and is obtained under fair conditions. Our merino wool is also mulesing-free, which means we produce with animal welfare and the environment in mind.

      Our merino wool products are of the best quality

      Discover our diverse selection of products made from high-quality merino wool at Tashay! Our sensational range presents you with fabulous and unique merino wool products, such as scarves, hats, cushions and much more.

      Our merino wool scarves offer a unique wearing experience thanks to their fine texture. They are soft, voluminous and can be worn in many ways. The merino wool scarves are available in great colors, so there is just the right thing for every taste.

      The merino wool blankets made from ultra-fine, undyed merino wool are an exclusive and elegant design piece. Handspun and handwoven in Uruguay, they combine exceptional craftsmanship with the highest quality. The merino wool blankets are ultra-soft and offer unique comfort. The Merino wool provides exceptional softness and warmth that ensures relaxation and comfort. The undyed merino wool gives the blankets a natural and timeless beauty that is an eye-catcher in any room. The exclusive and elegant design makes the merino wool blankets a unique work of art.

      Our merino wool hats are also particularly great. They offer different uses - fold the cuff up (once or twice) or fold down the cuff for a casual and cozy look. The stylish rib-knit hats can be worn by men and women and are available in different color shades.

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