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      Our fascinating range of alpaca wool products

      Our alpaca wool scarves are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high quality accessory that meets all needs. These alpaca wool scarves offer a variety of fantastic properties including warmth, softness, breathability and a dirt-repellent and anti-allergic function.

      If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain substances, you don't have to worry because our alpaca wool scarf is anti-allergic and therefore safe and comfortable to wear. Alpaca wool will keep you toasty warm even in cold weather and add a touch of style to your outfit. The softness of the alpaca wool scarf will delight you and ensure it is comfortable to wear.

      Our alpaca wool products also have an unusual design in phenomenal colors. They have an exclusive and exquisite style that looks outstanding and enhances any outfit.

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      Alpaca wool - discover the exclusive natural fiber

      Our alpaca wool products are extremely soft and hypoallergenic due to the fineness of the fiber, making them an excellent choice for sensitive and delicate skin. Compared to other well-known types of wool, alpaca wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. The fabulous properties even outshine the quality and fineness of cashmere or mohair.

      The alpacas from which we obtain our alpaca wool fibers live in higher regions where the climatic conditions are extreme. They have adapted perfectly to these conditions and develop a long, fine coat that protects them from the harsh weather conditions. This is the reason why alpaca fiber from Peru is of the highest quality compared to other parts of the world.

      In order to obtain our alpaca wool, the alpacas are sheared without them being harmed or suffering. This only happens every twelve months during the shearing season to ensure sustainability and protection of the animals.

      A special property of alpaca wool is that the different shearings of the alpacas have different hair colors. This allows us to create a palette of approximately 24 natural colors ranging from off-white to brown and gray to black.