There are around 4 million alpacas living in South America and Peru is home to the largest population of alpacas in its two varieties, Huacaya and Suri.

Sustainable fashion made from the finest natural materials, made in Peru.

Their habitat is in the higher regions, where the climatic conditions are extreme: at an altitude that can exceed 4,500 meters and at temperatures between -20°C and +20°C. In order to adapt to these harsh climatic conditions, they develop a special protection: a long, fine fur that does not retain water and is particularly warm. This is the reason why alpaca fiber grown in Peru will always be of higher quality than alpaca fiber sourced in other parts of the world.

The alpaca is sheared without causing any damage or suffering. The alpaca fiber is only harvested every twelve months during the shearing season. In this way we ensure the sustainability and protection of the animal.

Finally, since the alpacas have different hair colors, the fibers of the different shearings can be mixed to create a palette of about 24 natural colors from creamy white to brown and gray to black.

Soft – anti-allergic – temperature balancing
Alpaca wool

Due to the fineness of the fiber, our alpaca products are very soft and hypoallergenic. For this reason they are very suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. In contrast to other, better-known types of wool , alpaca wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. So it helps you stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The fiber is also strong, insulating, durable and shiny. These are all characteristics that put it on a par with cashmere or mohair in terms of quality and fineness.

Alpaca fiber can provide five times more warmth than sheep's wool without adding weight to the garment; a fabric that is always warm and ideal for thermal clothing and can be worn in any season.
It is also naturally biodegradable. When disposed of and mixed back into the soil, it biodegrades in a shorter period of time compared to synthetic and other fibers.

The texture and natural shine of TASHAY's Baby Alpaca collection is unique and long-lasting. The fiber fineness of baby alpaca ranges from 21 to 23 microns, it is unparalleled in quality and suppleness. Additionally, it features a wide range of 24 natural shades that are part of our line of eco-friendly accessories.
As far as certificates are concerned, our partners have the Fairtrade Peru seal, GRI (which stands for responsible suppliers), have a license for the Alpaca del Perú brand and the Peru brand and are members of the International Alpaca Association.


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