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All products are made from the most exclusive natural fibers such as baby alpaca, llama and merino wool, silk, cotton and leather.


We only sell products from certified local artisans, weavers and small businesses.


Our collection is based on the natural colors of wool and is dyed with natural dyes.

What our customers say


I bought a beautiful and cozy scarf for my wife. The quality is top and the color is a really strong yellow-green. Since it's not cold enough yet, it's lying on our sofa and my son likes to snuggle up in it while watching TV because it can also be used as a small blanket.

top quality
Santiago Senn

[...] I have to say that the quality more than justifies the price. It feels really high quality [...] I love it, whether as a scarf or as a kind of poncho for going out quickly. I even use it as a blanket so I can survive the cold days without any problems. A 100% purchase recommendation!

[...] many possible uses
Katharina Salathe

The great quality and sustainable production of Tashay products quickly convinced me.
The scarf was a great gift that brought great joy! Absolute purchase recommendation, I would happily order from Tashay again.

Top advice from Adriana Castillo, very authentic!
Jörg Holdenried



Tashay was founded on the principles of respect for indigenous people, animals, nature, textile traditions and exceptional design. Our suppliers are selected based on their work philosophy.

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Quality & sustainability comes first

We enable a virtuous cycle in an alternative and sustainable way by actively supporting small, certified textile productions and artisans from South America.
Our collection consists exclusively of the finest natural materials. Every piece from TASHAY is unique and represents pure individuality.